About the firmSustainability


At Real, we work for a long-term profitable business with balance between environmental, financial, and social responsibility.

Environmental responsibility

We work for a sustainable use of resources and strive to reduce our impact on the environment. With increased awareness of environmental issues, we want to contribute to a more sustainable future. This is an ongoing work, which has no end. We strive to be at the front edge at all levels, to be able to contribute to a better future for the next generations.

Social responsibility

Our social responsibility work aims to ensure that each employee has a good working environment from a physical and psycho-social perspective. Development is important in our work at Real, therefor every Associate is given meaningful tasks at an early stage that contribute to their development in their professional role. We believe that employees who feel good and enjoy their work perform better and continues to contribute to our high-quality business and set goals.

Part of our external social responsibility work includes working in various charity projects, to promote a more sustainable world. In 2021, we therefore initiated a long-term collaboration together with the organization Human Practice Foundation. Human Practice Foundation works for economic development and charity in underdeveloped areas in Nepal and Kenya, primarily through education for children and through projects that support local coffee and tea farmers.


Real strives for a diverse and inclusive work environment that welcomes, appreciates and supports the development and advancement of individuals of all backgrounds. We believe in competence and the personal qualities of each individual. A variety of people with different experiences contribute not only to efficiency, but also quality in the business.

At Real, we do not accept any form of discrimination or harassment.

Financial responsibility

At Real, we think long-term when it comes to our client’s businesses. We understand the importance of acting responsibly and are responsive and transparent towards our clients and employees. Through a long-term profitable and ethical business, we can contribute to a positive development of society.