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Privacy Policy

Processing of personal data – information under the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Real Advokatbyrå Aktiebolag is the controller of the personal data processing as described below. This means that we are responsible for ensuring that the personal data are processed correctly and in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

Much of our communication takes place by telephone and email, which essentially always entails the processing of personal data. Emailing or phoning us generally means that personal data that can be linked to individuals are provided.

We process personal data provided to us in connection with engagements and requests, or otherwise processed for administrating and carrying out engagements. You are not obliged to provide any personal data to us. However, if you do not provide us with personal data we cannot undertake any assignment or engagement from you since we cannot carry out necessary KYC and anti-money laundering controls under mandatory law.

We also process personal data so that we can manage and administrate our relationships with potential clients, suppliers and other external parties, as well as visits to our office or events, or when you submit a job application.

We process personal data to evaluate whether or not we are able to accept an engagement or assignment and, in some cases, for anti-money laundering controls, administrating and carrying out engagements, safeguarding your interests, as well as for accounting and billing purposes. These data are processed based on an agreement with you or applicable Swedish law.

Processing of personal data relating to suppliers or their representatives and other external parties is based on our legitimate interest in administrating the relationship and performing our contractual obligations.

Personal data may also be used for, business and methods development, market analysis, statistics and risk management and marketing purposes. Personal data processed for the purpose of developing and analysing our business activities and marketing communication is processed based on our legitimate interests to develop and market our business and to communicate with our contacts.

Personal data may be transferred to a group company for the purposes of, fulfilling our obligations, to check the identity of our clients and conduct anti-money laundering controls before our work commences, information and knowledge exchange and resource allocation. We will not share, or otherwise distribute your personal data to a third-party, except when (i) it is explicitly agreed between you and Real Advokatbyrå Aktiebolag, (ii) it is necessary for safeguarding your interests, (iii) it is necessary due to our obligation to comply with mandatory provisions, governmental or court decision or (iv) if a third-party is contracted to conduct assignments on our behalf. If necessary for the safeguarding of your rights, the personal data may be disclosed to courts, public authorities, counterparties and counterparty agents.

We do not save the personal data longer than necessary given the purpose of the processing, unless otherwise required or permitted by law. In accordance with the obligation for Real Advokatbyrå Aktiebolag to comply with the Code of Conduct of the Swedish Bar Association, personal data is stored for a period of ten years, from the end of our engagement. In some 2 (2) cases, personal data may be stored for a longer period due to the nature of the engagement. Personal data used to develop, analyse and market our business activities are stored for three years, from our last contact with you. If you unsubscribe from marketing communication, your data will be deleted immediately.

You have the right to, free of charge, demand information from Real Advokatbyrå Aktiebolag about the use of personal data regarding yourself. We will, on your request or on our own initiative, correct, delete or limit the processing of inaccurate personal data in relation to you. You have the right to demand that your personal data is not processed for direct marketing purposes. You are entitled to take part of the collected personal data, in relation to you, in a machine-readable format. If you are dissatisfied with our collecting or processing of your personal data, you can file a complaint to the Swedish supervisory authority which is the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (www.imy.se). You can also turn to the supervisory authority at your habitual residence or place of work.

In case of questions about our processing of personal data, you are welcome to contact us at info@realadv.se or at our address below.

The controller of personal data is Real Advokatbyrå Aktiebolag, Reg. No. 556888-4778, Box 7306, 103 90 Stockholm, 08-450 15 40, www.realadvokatbyra.se, info@realadv.se