Real advised Infrahubs, with Catella as a partner, when selling a logistic facility in Norrköping.

The property was sold to Allianz Real Estate, that acts on behalf of companies within Allianz, for a purchase price of approximately SEK 880 million after deduction of deferred tax. SEK 60 million of the purchase price is condition by Infrahubs finalizing the installations of solar panels.

The logistic facility comprises of 70 000 sqm and will, after finalized installation, have one of the largest solar panels in the Nordic region. With an annual rental value of approximately SEK 34 million, the property is let to a single tenant, which currently has a lease agreement for ten years.

Infrahubs was founded in June 2020 when Catella and the e-commerce company Royal Design’s previous owners joined forces and started the company. To meet the needs of the Swedish market, Infrahubs focuses on sustainable solutions and automated logistics properties.

The firm’s team consisted primarily of Partner Daniel Jönsson as well as Associate Robin Skoglund.

Year 2022
Location    Norrköping
Value SEK 880,000,000