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Real advised NREP Altura with the acquisition and letting of an elderly home and pre-school in Huddinge

Real advised NREP Altura with the acquisition of an elderly home and a pre-school in Huddinge, Stockholm, from Huddinge municipality, as well as the letting of the elderly home and the pre-school.

The building amounts to 7,800 sqm with a total of 90 apartments and room for 140 children. The elderly home is let to Ersta Diakoni and the pre-school is let to Jensen Education. The transaction was completed during Q2 2021, and closing is expected to occur during Q1 2022.

NREP, founded in 2005, is a leading Nordic real estate investment firm focused on defensive value-add investment strategies in selected segments of the Nordic market. NREP has several times been ranked as the most consistently outperforming real estate investment manager worldwide. NREP manages in total 5.5 million square meters in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. Today NREP has just over 400 employees. Among the investors are some of the world’s largest pension funds, insurance companies and asset managers, who in their turn secure the future for millions of senior citizens and beneficiaries.

The firm’s team consisted primarily of Partner Mikael Laag as well as Associates Johan Asklund, Linnea Thörnvik, Simon Gille-Johnson and Amanda Nilsson.

Client: Altura, NREP
Year: 2021
Location: Huddinge, Stockholm
Value: 440 mSEK