Real advised Logicenters in the signing of lease agreement with Dahl and in the acquisition of of Dahl’s logistics facility in Kallhäll.

Real advised Logicenters in the signing of a lease agreement with Dahl Sverige AB regarding a logistics facility on a property located in the municipality of Bålsta, where a building with a total area of approximately 72,000 sqm will be constructed. The logistics facility will become Dahl´s new central warehouse and is scheduled for completion at the end of 2022.

In addition, Real advised Logicenters in the acquisition of Dahl´s current 45,000 sqm logistics facility located in Kallhäll, between Bålsta and Stockholm.

Logicenters, part of NREP, is a leading developer and owner of modern logistics properties in the Nordics with a presence in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland and over 1,3 million square meters of logistics space. They develop, re-develop and own modern logistics properties in virtually all key locations in the region. Logicenters is specialized in modern logistics, with all properties meeting the high standards of quality, efficiency and flexibility demanded by world class logistics operations.

The firm’s team consisted primarily of Partner Mikael Laag and Associates Fanny Davidsson, Hannes Gosch and Linnea Thörnvik.

Year 2020